Monday, February 22, 2010

How a Moth Becomes a Boat

A beautiful hand written letter came in the post a few days ago, it was from Josephine Rowe, a short story writer and poet and someone with lovely hand writing. She also sent me a copy of her self-published book of short stories 'how a moth becomes a boat' which I had previously had to steal of my friend Ainslee. I said I would send her some drawings in exchange, so I got to drawing, with my new set of staedtler fine-liners which I bought from Officeworks today along with some sticker paper (I plan on printing some stickers to put up around Melbourne). Anyway the below drawing is what I came up with, I am trying to use more colour, which I normally shy away from. The text is a line from a short story called 'boat'.
text reads: 'but because you are too old to understand how it is that a boat becomes a moth or a moth a boat, you have to stop believing him'
'How a Moth Becomes a Boat' contains a a tender sadness and longing in every line, with images of L.Ps stored in pantries, of smashing whiskey bottles against houses among other things. It gave me shivers down my spine.

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