Friday, June 22, 2012

Some more of Blue

My new favourite thing is inverting images on photoshop to look more spacey.

Moleskine time

Just got to scanning the pages of my Moleskine, it's been a long time.

cute boy from 1000 pound bend

girl as lion, concept art for an album cover I am illustrating, called 'Judy has a Lion'

more concept art, this time just of girl

warping landscape and floating leaf head, and also symbols with 2 A's

Fan art of Lehmann Smith, drawn at the launch for his album 'little milk'

 Some drawing of wolves for a tattoo for a special someone

 Occult yakult, drawn while up in Bright

 Two-headed gay wedding, after reading a lot about gay marriage

Star cloak, also drawn in Bright

animals drawn in Bright

more tattoo design and offensive llama

This is tattoo designing that was drawn at the launch for 'little milk'. meta.

Space animals

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pencil Pendants stocked in Modern Times

Modern Times pop up shop is stocking some of my pencil pendants, there are not many left and after I use my last sterling silver screw there will be no more for a very long time (until i get the screw cast).

^here is a photo of them. They come with silk bead cord.