Thursday, February 18, 2010

fuck, I thought it was forever

text reads: fuck I thought it was forever

Metallic blue pencils give a lovely gradient of tone. These are a series of images I am working on to do with loss, they are supposed to have a sombre, gentle tone to them. I started this project by collecting images of people holding animals, the connection that they have, I wanted the creatures to almost be slipping away from the figures. The image of the boy is a portrait of my friend Matias who I miss very much. I met him when I was on exchange in Denmark, he introduced me to the art and culture of Denmark, and to this day we write each other long emails in which we try to write plays and poetry and tell jokes. I recently sent him a large package with some drawings and other things, so I am expecting something great in return.

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Ainslee said...

of course, we lose things when we forget our animals.
just the other day i was walking downtown and then i realised the snake i was using to keep my neck aligned had disappeared. all of a sudden my feet turned into concrete.
but sometimes i just wear inappropriate skirts when riding and then spend five minutes disentangling them from the seat, flashing my undies, in front of a crown of old men at barkly square.