Friday, February 26, 2010

The Bending Out Of The Red String

This drawing is a prime example of the unicorn creatures that I always draw, I am very much into drawing horns at the moment, and I particularly like uni-horns because they are slightly less threatening than two horns. I started this drawing on the train home from an opening, 'letter heads' at 1000 pound bend, which featured the work of Ghost Patrol. Ghost Patrol is a major influence on me, his work has inspired me to dabble into the realm of street art and also to continue in the field of felt toy making. I stuck a sticker up in 1000 pound bend today, and also on level 3 of the Toff in Town building, outside Metropolis, you know the one, with cookie and rooftop in it, yeah, that one. In sadder news a sticker I stuck up at Edithvale station has been taken down, but I like to think it's now being loved my someone else, possibly even stuck to someones bed-post.

This is the sticker I put up in 1000 pound bend, it's of my good friend Jialing

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