Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Origin of Fur and Whiskers

 I have some etching in a group show, opening this Friday the 5th of October, come and have a look at them. Thanks.


I got a poem published in the most recent voiceworks. It is a really great issue, the cover design is so perfect, created by the ever rad Elwyn Murray. There are drawings by Untitled McCausland and Danielle Bongiovanni. A beautiful creative non fiction piece by Cathy Tran about her relationship to grief and death. It's just really worth getting.

You can buy it at Readings, Sticky and Magnation. If you go to the Magnation in Prahran you might be served by my good pal Audrey Tan. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have been a very busy bee lately. I have been typesetting lots of poems for Josephine Rowe, Adolfo Aranjuez and Ainslee Meredith. Spending hours in a dusty room full of tiny type. I have also been doing etching inspired by these poems. 
blue relief print

blue relief print

blue relief print

blue relief print

burnt orange relief print

burnt orange relief print

black intaglio print

black intaglio

black intaglio with lots of plate tone

black intaglio with plate tone

silver intaglio

soft ground

soft ground

Panelpopin and lockin'

I work at Panelpop, which is a place on Brunswick street that makes frames and stone art surfaces. All the frames are made with recycled wood and backed with reused Styrofoam. When I am lucky I get to take a few home to have a play on, here are some works on panelpops:
Blue pencil drawing

water colour and etching 'Witch bribe'

etching over printed surface 'magic rug'

Come in and visit me, I am there on Wednesday and Saturday!

Blind drunk drawing in Bright

This weekend I was up in Bright with some good pals. I saw a trout jump out of water, drank from a lake, saw a group of tame deer, the stag with a tumble weed of barbed wire caught in its antlers. I saw a cat playing with a rabbit and a steel bridge that had been crushed by a felled tree. I made some sculptural installions with wattle branches and also did some very drunk drawing.

Most of this was drawn with my eyes closed 
Also this^ 

These are some ideas for comic frames:

wanderer looking at the moon
evil demons in the fern foliage

bushes doing lots of lookin'

mushroom interlude

siblings hiding in a lake.

All weeping eye: a comic