Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Early Harvest.

A little while ago I did some drawings for Early Harvest magazine, which is a collaboration between Harvest and Pigeon Projects. What sets this journal apart from others on the market is that it publishes stories and poems written by children across Melbourne and is edited and marketed by children, with guidance from volunteers.

It was great corresponding with Emma Hewitt, who I have unfortunately not met yet, as I was at Harvest festival in Werribe when the launch was on.

I have not got my copy yet, so these photos are taken from bean there read that.
This is the front cover, which you should look out for at Readings!

And this is a page with one of my drawings on it.

This is the illustration from Olivia. 
and this is the illustration for my secret happiness.

As the winter turned the meadow brown

Some new drawings from my moleskine, which is also new and so full of pages.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pencil Pyramids

hot glue, industrial grinding machines, love, and about 60 sheets of sandpaper have created these pencil pyramids.

I will be attaching them to sterling silver chains and selling them very soon.