Monday, December 26, 2011

Voiceworks # 87 : Play

Recently I have been published in Voiceworks. I have a short story called 'A Bank of Cloud', accompanied by an illustration, and a poem called 'AA (Mountain Poem)'. Also featured in this issue are all the winners of the John Marsden Prize, including one of closest friends Ainslee Meredith, with her poem 'Advent Meaning'. She blogs at Spatial Blues and is a poet of exceptional skill; her words stay with you long after you read them.

I can't publish any of the work on my blog due to copyright reasons, which is why you should go to Mag Nation or Readings and pick up a copy for a meagre $10.

Mountain smoke

Here are some new drawings from my Molskine: 

shoeless mountain sham holds flag upright!

unstoppable cheer

smelling satan

Dolphins cry.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Some quick drawings from my moleskine that are in the process of becoming much better drawings for my upcoming show at Egg Gallery in February.