Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sitähän se äitikin aina sano


This is a drawing I am working on for Petrova which will hang in her store to compliment all the pretty things already in there, I used 0.5 felt tips, a 0.1 black fine-liner and a gold paint pen, click to enlarge for detail.

This is the final product, I decided to make the teapot black to balance with the top half of the composition, Unfortunately since this drawing is quite big my scanner cut off some of it, so to see it in full you must visit Petrova's store, Lady Petrova, on Scotts alley.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run foul of the fence

This is a drawing I am working on for the next copy of the Monash student magazine zeitgeist.
I like its tightness and its asymmetry.

Cabin by Cabin

Tonight I have been listening to Bjork. Her music evokes so many beautiful contrasts for me. She is both introverted and extroverted, at the same time very open yet very secretive. She travels all the time, and feels that the road is her home, yet she has such a deep rooted connection to her culture. She is intensely individual yet she loves to collaborate, is strong, gentle, soft and hard all at the same time. It is these contradictions that make me love Bjork and aspire to be as intensely creative as she is.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ghost Patrol and Miso

I started this blog as a means of sharing my work with interested people, but also so show some of my influences from time to time. The more I study arts the more I am presented with theories of cultural relativism, subjectivity and post-modernism. These theories can lead me to think that intrinsic value can never be placed on anything. But every now and again a feeling so intense engulfs me, I get a tingle down my spine and my mind suddenly becomes clearer. Everything radiates the beauty of possibility, the possibility of a surface, of a person, of a story. I have only ever had this feeling when I interact with art, and that's why I know that it's what I want to devote me life to. I want to capture that feeling again and again and hopefully create it for other people.

Ghost Patrol and Miso's work gives me that feeling down my spine, I got it even while watching this documentary.Their work makes me feel proud to live in Melbourne, and fills my thoughts with possibility I'd like to share this short documentary with who ever reads this blog.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dove love dove dove love love

and the little white dove
made with love, made with love:
made with glue, and a glove, and some pliers






^^^^^^^^_[ } ]

swings a low sickle arc
from its perch in the dark:
settle down
settle down my desire


I am very interested in working with my sister on making some patterns for dresses, what I hope to do I draw with pen and ink on large sheet of calico, so these very tiny tiny drawings are just preparation for that.

This drawing is to me very warm, the warm blue and warm orange compliment each other and I like to think create a well balanced and visually interesting composition, I always like my compositions to flow, to link back, to balance and to curve. I don't like to break off, dis-joint or scatter.
This drawing is called 'persimmon mountain' again this is an idea for a larger dress pattern.

I really love how the colours in this worked, I plan on making this into a larger work, which I hope to give to Petrova, who is a Melbourne fashion designer than Aoife and I both love very much. You can find her work here:

Saturday, April 17, 2010


What you retain in the tank of your mind is only what you sew. Bean sprouts and the lavender, smells of exotic tea permeate the pea green leaves of your mustard and cress. Tall white men submerged half to their waist in the waters which stream from your eye are benevolent and best left unnoticed . Silently they do their work, collecting all the black rocks which slip your iris. Small paper boats, made with love and sailed as to bring hope are made of yellow paper, they will never fade in the mountainous waves of your cerebral cortex. In the crank of your nose and the fold of your lips there are birds singing, in the fork of your ears and the skim of your brow there are worms weaving, in the depths of your soul and the nook of your heart there is love flowing.

Friday, April 16, 2010


My darling sister Aoife, who I share a room with, bought some new, brightly coloured post-it notes, which she is using to leave notes around the room, mostly lists of bands she wants to listen to or films she wants to watch or lists of things we are going to do together this year (the only two set in stone being Winter camping and Meredith Music Festival). She also uses these notes for letting me know when the room is do for a !naelc (which is clean! backwards, she leaves this note in view of the mirror). I have found anouther use for these handy notes, wall decoration! and I have done some little drawings, oh, here they are now:

The creature with the blobs coming out of his mouth who is saying 'Hi' is going to be made into a felt sculpture, with lights coming out of his mouth.

Mushroom moon

Inspired by the poetry of Margret Atwood and drawing on influences from illustrators I have begun to design stickers. My intention to create a small whimsical world, where nightmares are soothing and the air in cold.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I will cover you in red wool

Align Center

Lately I have taken to reading poems to the furniture, this is a recording of me reading 'night poem' to the bed post.

Night Poem, Margret Atwood

There is nothing to be afraid of
it is only the wind
changing to the east, it is only
your father the thunder
your mother the rain

In this country of water
with its beige moon damp as a mushroom,
its drowned stumps and long birds
that swim, where the moss grows
on all sides of the trees
and your shadow is not your shadow
but your reflection,

your true parents disappear
when the curtain covers your door.
We are the others,
the ones from under the lake
who stand silently beside your bed
with our heads of darkness.
We have come to cover you
with red wool,
with our tears and distant whispers.

You rock in the rain's arms
the chilly ark of your sleep,
while we wait, your night
father and mother
with our cold hands and dead flashlight,
knowing we are only
the wavering shadows thrown
by one candle, in this echo
you will hear twenty years later.

Monday, April 12, 2010


These are some photos from the art opening I had at Unless Gallery on Friday, brought to you kindly by the skillful camera work of Lambros. It was a pretty excellent night, sold some work, talked about art, got smashed, all equating to a pretty excellent night. Twas a pretty excellent weekend all round actually, but now I'm babbling. If you want to see my work as it's meant to be seen, in frames and arranged in a composition then head on down to Unless sometime this week, I will be there tomorrow and the next day. details are here:

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have been style blogging, which is a secret vice of mine,(I can scroll for hours though pictures of people wearing trench coats) and I stumbled across this boy Pascal Grob and his blog: which is so beautiful and so inspiring. His style is actaully very similar to mine but ten times better and he is prettier, dam him! but wow is he pretty and so I drew him.

My heart is a furnace full of love that's just and earnest

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maya Deren

Inspiration time

Maya Deren was an experimental film maker most active in the 40's and 50's. The dream like quality of her work and well as her beautiful use of shadow, framing and juxtaposition is truly inspiring. Deren's work 'Meshes of the Afternoon' (1943) is said to be the first example of “the poetic psychodrama”, with it's heavy use of symbolism and rhythm, producing a haunting primitive tone to the work. 'The Very Eye of Night' (1958) was a collaboration with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet School. Deren called it her 'ballet of night', an ethereal dance within a nocturnal space that focused on the spectacle rather than the narrative.

I really highly suggest you watch these short films with an open mind and a high attention span, with 'the very eye of the night' don't expect anything to happen, just look at the form and the lines and the contrast, it is beautiful.


The cat, now awake sits protracted and sleepless by the door, the winds have woken him and he needs to roam outside to tell them off. But you can't let him out, mirror faced cloaked figures roam the culdesac and you just won't risk it.
And doors will shut all on their own, cats sitting frustrated and forlorn on the top of the sofa. And sometimes this will make you think of the Modernists and Mystics and whether all of this logic is worth the bother, and you'll stare though the lace curtains after hearing a growl outside and wait to see the face of the imagined. The wind outside can't affect you in the same way, -the stair case always shifts as you walk it, placing your finger tips on a pane of glass never feels the same way twice- . The wooden frames of your windows bang in the wind, sounding like a violent knock back, or is it just the breath of the trees which have always said 'wisha-wisha' in the wind that knocks at your window. Under the fluorescent glow of your energy saving lamp you will hug him, as you watch keys become knives become telephones and the window frame pounds like a drum.
And the air in the culdesac blows in all directions against fears you will never comprehend and taps at windows never given.

Friday, April 2, 2010

For Sale: Felt Men

Just a reminder that Felt Men are indeed for sale, for the low low price of 12 Australian dollars, do it, they look really good, and all your friends and co-workers will respect you, finally.

This photo of my good friend Ainslee admiring some Felt Men is taken from Lambros' blog:

Felt friends

I am making some felt necklaces for my exhibition, you can buy these puppies for $45 Australian. They are pretty cool, compliments guaranteed.