Monday, June 14, 2010


I had such a beautiful lazy day on Sunday, all exams and assignments finished I was free to draw and read and do what ever I wanted, It felt so good. I spent the the day going exactly that over at my boyfriends house in Flemington. In the midst of my bliss I noticed one of my boyfriends house-mates was painting. She is a self taught painter, so I thought I might as well have a go at painting, I haven't painted in years but I remembered a few things that I wanted to impart to my boyfriends house mate. This painting is an exercise in layering, at this satge it is at layer 3. I wanted to give a the skin a rosey pale glow, so I used an undercoat or terre verte green to bring out the red when I applied a rose pink layer over the top. I wanted the sky to be lilac so I used a grey blue, with a hint of crimson red as the bottom layer and then went over the top with light blue, using a large brush to skim the surface lightly. This painting is far from finished, but I like where it's going.


adele said...

You're crazy, I have no idea how to layer paints. I wish somebody would teach me some time.
I really like where the painting is going too. Your work is quite wonderful.

Aaron Billings said...

I'd love to teach you

Aaron Billings said...
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Ainslee said...

i love the way you write about art