Monday, June 14, 2010


Here are some little doodles of patterns that I am using in a larger drawing.

This is a drawing copied from a very old drawing which i drew in blue and red biro after I completely gave up on a math test. It's based on the illustrations on Bjork's 'Vespertine' record sleeve, in which there is string wining in and out of tiny machines. I used the same idea but included clouds and altered the look of the machines, I guess they could be seen as amps in the sky or maybe heaters.
This is a drawing I did in a cafe when all my tea was done, I am drawing this bird a lot. I found a book of sea birds at the Edithvale op shop a few weeks back and I was particularly drawn to the birds with what looks like little burglar masks on. Anyway, combining this with my ongoing interest in fin lines, gold paint pens and triangles I created a semi-symmetrical motif which I was really happy with.

Then, as you can see I used both of these patterns in this larger work, which I have been working on all weekend. Still unfinished this drawing has taken hours and hours to complete, and is all done in pen and gold paint pen, no pencil whatsoever, so one mistake or slip of the pen and the work is ruined. This is how I always work, which is why I use my tiny sketch book to map out ideas first.

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Nikki Lam said...

I love your drawings Aaron. welcome to drawn blank :)