Friday, April 16, 2010


My darling sister Aoife, who I share a room with, bought some new, brightly coloured post-it notes, which she is using to leave notes around the room, mostly lists of bands she wants to listen to or films she wants to watch or lists of things we are going to do together this year (the only two set in stone being Winter camping and Meredith Music Festival). She also uses these notes for letting me know when the room is do for a !naelc (which is clean! backwards, she leaves this note in view of the mirror). I have found anouther use for these handy notes, wall decoration! and I have done some little drawings, oh, here they are now:

The creature with the blobs coming out of his mouth who is saying 'Hi' is going to be made into a felt sculpture, with lights coming out of his mouth.


the maisies said...

i love you.


Ben Zen said...

Hi Aaron, thanks for your comment :) Looks like you've been busy here. I love the little yeti guy saying hi. Ben

Aaron Billings said...

@Ailsa, I love you too, come back soon!

@Ben, I am hoping to sew him into a large felt toy sculpture, so we'll see how that goes. congrats on the exhibition by the way, I'll make sure and check it out.