Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am very interested in working with my sister on making some patterns for dresses, what I hope to do I draw with pen and ink on large sheet of calico, so these very tiny tiny drawings are just preparation for that.

This drawing is to me very warm, the warm blue and warm orange compliment each other and I like to think create a well balanced and visually interesting composition, I always like my compositions to flow, to link back, to balance and to curve. I don't like to break off, dis-joint or scatter.
This drawing is called 'persimmon mountain' again this is an idea for a larger dress pattern.

I really love how the colours in this worked, I plan on making this into a larger work, which I hope to give to Petrova, who is a Melbourne fashion designer than Aoife and I both love very much. You can find her work here:


Anonymous said...

hey aaron,
i'm one of the designers for the mag launch you were at last night (zeitgeist). sorry i didn't properly introduce myself - i'm kat. just stalked you through photo-tags.

i gotta say kid you're very very talented. your illustrations are beautiful. delicate and abstract, detailed and fluid.

i'd love to see some more of your work and maybe you could submit some for zeitgeists next issue. we'd love to have you.


Aaron Billings said...

Thanks Katja, sorry we didn't get to talk at the launch, i'd love to submit some stuff to zeitgeists, it was a pretty great launch. any parameters that you work around for the magazine? like size or colours

Anonymous said...

i'll get back to you on those details as soon as i can aaron.