Friday, April 23, 2010

Ghost Patrol and Miso

I started this blog as a means of sharing my work with interested people, but also so show some of my influences from time to time. The more I study arts the more I am presented with theories of cultural relativism, subjectivity and post-modernism. These theories can lead me to think that intrinsic value can never be placed on anything. But every now and again a feeling so intense engulfs me, I get a tingle down my spine and my mind suddenly becomes clearer. Everything radiates the beauty of possibility, the possibility of a surface, of a person, of a story. I have only ever had this feeling when I interact with art, and that's why I know that it's what I want to devote me life to. I want to capture that feeling again and again and hopefully create it for other people.

Ghost Patrol and Miso's work gives me that feeling down my spine, I got it even while watching this documentary.Their work makes me feel proud to live in Melbourne, and fills my thoughts with possibility I'd like to share this short documentary with who ever reads this blog.

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