Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Judy has a Lion

Recently I have been designing the album cover for Danish artist Julie Dybvad. Her album is called 'Judy has a Lion' and will be released in a few months I think, when I have more information I will post it here. Anyway I thought it might be interesting to show my design process

I started off with this image, a proud lion with a flag, and his owner, having a spiritual moment on some hills. Julie said the text might be a bit hard to read in the flag, and she wanted more emphasis on the work lion, which I thought was fair enough. She also wanted the figure to look a bit for confident.
So I made the flag smaller and drew some new text, I wasn't happy with this, the composition looked disjointed.

This is a fun astral inversion, this is actually my favourite one.

I also tried adding colour, but Julie said he would prefer it black and white, so this is as far as I got.

To make the figure more confident looking I drew her riding the Lion, and gave the Lion a knife which it holds in its mouth. 

I also tried colouring this one, but Julie liked the other image better. I was really great getting all this feedback.

So I went back to the old image, changed the face of the girl a bit, took the flag out completely and tried a few different fonts. This is curved lettering.

This is straight lettering on two lines.

This is straight lettering on one line.

This is some rope font, I was really happy with the words 'Judy has' but the last part went a bit wonky. I am still waiting to hear back from the lovely Julie about what font she prefers. If she likes the rope font I will try and do a better job with the second half of the lettering.


Jesm said...

i like 'This is straight lettering on one line.' !
it makes for good square composition. with equal weight on drawing and text.
but also on the other image, i liked the instrument being strung around judy (?). and in that image i noticed the cool lion tail faster.
but basically all really nice! xxxxx

Becky said...

these are great! An it makes me feel so much better about a piece i've redone about three times over now. I thought it meant i was failing but this post shows me maybe it's good to have a more critical eye!

Anonymous said...

Love how vulnerable the characters in your drawings often seem.

For what it's worth, the astral one is my pick! All great though -- it's great to see your process, so a big thanks!