Saturday, April 7, 2012

Screen Printed

For university I have been learning how the screen print. I am in the process of creating an installation of printed figures and large lino printed text on found wood. It will be a kind of shrine.

below are some prints on fabric that I will print some more of so that my sister aoife can use them to make dresses and pencils cases.

Twig print on navy cotton 
boy print on navy cotton 
stick collector on blue cotton

and here are some prints on paper, just playing around with colours and overlapping right now, the finals will be printed on wood. 
planting print 
smoking print 
3 layer boy 
boy with growth

stick collector in blue 
blue boy with faun twig


Samantha Riegl said...

These are lovely!

Aaron Billings said...

hey I say your blog, I will have a gander in sticky soon and see if your things are still there!