Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Utopia Festival: kite plight fight

On Sunday I will be hand painting kites at Egg Gallery with many other artists to raise money for the kite plight of Afghanistan. During the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, kite flying was banned, In some parts of the country this tough ban on kites still exists. Utopia festival hopes to 'create awareness and raise funds for refugees living in poverty in camps near the border of Afghanistan. Partnering with Hope Afar, we will be donating proceeds from the event directly to communities within these troubled areas. ' and to provide the public with a totally killer day out on Johnston street.


  So come along to Egg Gallery on this Sunday the 26th to see some killer kites, view my exhibition with is currently up there and hear some shamanistic musings from Costa of Tehachapi. Below is drawing I have done to celebrate this wonderful event, which might also be used for promotional material.

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