Monday, September 5, 2011

Going Down Swinging #31

I have been published in the 31st edition of Going Down Swinging! I am super chuffed to be a part of this fantastic anthology of poetry, prose and art. Above is the cover for the online edition, drawn by my good friend Jess McCausland, who blogs over at Surface Area .
 And this is the cover for the print edition, with font design by McCausland, and designed by Jessica Freidmann.

This is the page I illustrated (page 65), right beside a lovely poem by Jodie Lea Martire. The poem and my drawing fit together very nicely I think, the poem possessing a powerful stillness and acute attention to detail. 
And finally here is a better look at the illustration. If you are in Mag Nation or Readings then please pick up a copy of this great body of work!


Jesm said...


lovely, aaron.

Jesm said...

(i'd love to have a look at it on paper texture)