Thursday, June 2, 2011

Magic sticks

Last Wednesday morning I was in an awful wisdom tooth induced creative slump. I spent most of the morning feeling generally shitty and trying to draw 'interoir spaces' for my drawing folio (which I still have not done). After a while of this I dragged myself out of bed and had some brule grapefruit at Captains of Industry. While I was there I was served by a delightful bearded man in a spotted bow-tie, the day was feeling much better already. Then I hung out for a bit at Mitten Fortress with David and Stanislava, two amazing creative people. We sat at the work bench talking about painting mediums, hedgehogs  Spinoza and Nietzche. After 3 hours of being with them I felt completely renewed, almost healed from my tooth ache pain. I drew these two drawings while I was there, and then finished them off that night.
Magic sticks, blind drawing

Magic sticks, levitation.

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