Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lost in a Forest.

For the past week I have been communing with the fog, pressing storms into books as if they were flowers, making bark boats and bathing in unicorn perfume under the bright moon and it's hand picked stars. I have begun a project with my friend Ainslee, a poet who runs the blog spatial blues. Ainslee is one of those people you meet that change you forever, as if sent from god. We are creating a hand printed zine, with poems and drawings detailing a boys mystical journey into a forest, the finished product will be printed on Stonehenge fawn paper and printed on a soy-based flatbed printer with some of the art being printed with a gocco printer.

Here are some Gods:

The God of Bark Boats.

The Spirit of Bent Sticks.

The God of Sticks Suspended in Spider Webs. 

The Reaper of Bird Hearts.

These are drawings that will accompany the poems, however I also plan to do some gold drawings which will be more loosely connected to the writing. Ainslee and I will have another meeting sometime this week.

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