Monday, October 18, 2010

The more deft of the winged

I sold a drawing recently in 'Lady Petrova', the fashion boutique of the talented and Pertrova Hammond. So, building on this success I drew these up today to bring in to her in the hopes of selling more. There is noting like having breakfast paid for by selling some art. So, I do implore you, go and visit Petrova's store in Scotts Alley, just off finders lane (right next to the city library) and look at her lovely dresses and my drawings (not yet, but soon), and buy them so I can eat breakfast once again.


Adolfo Aranjuez said...

Congratulations, my sweet!

Anonymous said...

i brought that picture on monday! so i hope you get another breakfast out of it... while i was in store shay told me about your blog, your drawings are beautiful, whimsical and so inspiring! please keep creating, i look forward to seeing what lies ahead for your clever hands.. love mak