Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moleskine decoration and studies

Today I have been decorating my two small red moleskines, one is about to finish and so the most freshly purchased will take over its duties. My little red moleskines are for fine liner work.

inside-back cover

study of tone and pattern, I really love the gaze of these figures, I am trying to capture the same vacant yet powerful expression, I'm not quite there as you can see.

Owl, study in pattern.

collage and lungfish.

Collage and dot and line composition.

Studies of boy heads.

Study of boy head and patterned droplets.

2 boy head studies.

inside-front cover of old moleskine

inside-front cover of new moleskine.

1 comment:

Jesm said...

i like the owl.
he (as drawing) looks plushy in my mind.
mmm felty.

also, i read 'for finer liner work'.
and i agreed. and i still agree, even though there is really only one 'r'.